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​What herbs do you buy? 
We buy blood root, golden seal (yellow root), Virginia snake root, mayapple and ginseng in Indiana directly from the digger. We will purchase them green from the woods, or dried. 

Do you buy ginseng? 
Yes. Green directly from the woods, or dried. Check this website for current pricing. 

What are the guidelines for digging ginseng? 
A ginseng plant must have at least 3 prongs and a flowering or fruiting stalk, or at least 4 internodes on the rhizome. It is required that mature fruits and any seeds on the harvested ginseng be planted in the vicinity where the plant was dug and in a manner that encourages germination. 

When is the ginseng season? 
The digger may dig ginseng September 1 til December 31. The buyer may purchase ginseng from September 1 til March 31. However, many buyers elect to quit buying in January or February. 

What furs do you buy at your Indiana fur company
We buy raccoon, muskrat, mink, fox, coyote, beaver in carcass, skinned, or stretched and dried. 

What are the hunting seasons? 
Hunting seasons vary. Check with your state Department of Natural Resources, or this website for appropriate dates in Indiana. 

Do you have traps? 
Yes. We have #1, #1 1/2, #1 3/4, #2, #3, #5 Coil spring traps. Also, #1, #1 1/2, #4, 502 Long spring. 110, 220, 330 Connibear and stabilizers for each size, including 330 tall. In addition, we stock  Duke DP,  the Coon Dagger, as well as 3 sizes of live traps, and 24" 30" 36" and 60" snares. 

Do you have repair parts for traps? 
Yes. Call us for more information.  812-448-8494

Do you have animal lures/bait? 
Yes. We stock Hawbaker mink, muskrat, raccoon, fox, coyote, and beaver lures. Also available are fox, coon, and coyote urines. 

Do you have wax/dye to treat traps? 
Yes. We have logwood crystals, Speed Dip, and odorless trap wax. 

Do you have drying stretchers? 
Yes. To dry a pelt, they must be stretched appropriately. We have stretchers for raccoon, mink, muskrat, fox, opossum, and coyote. We have hoops available for beaver. 

Do you tan hides? 
No. Contact a taxidermist. 

Do you carry tanning supplies? 
Yes. We have Dixietan Paste. 

Do you have hunting lights? 
Yes. We carry Nite Lite Wizard, Favorite, Halogen head 

Do you have parts for hunting lights? 
Yes. We have bulbs, glass lenses, red and amber pop covers, helmets, spotlights, reostats, and batteries. 

Do you sell guns or ammunition? 

Do you have clothes for cold weather activity? 
Yes. We stock Carhartt outerwear.  Anything that we do not have in stock can be special ordered for you directly from Carhartt. 

Do you have boots? 
Yes. We stock 6 styles of Carhartt boots ranging from $89.99 - $139.99

Do you buy fur coats? 
No. Contact a furrier in the yellow pages under "Retail Merchants".

For more information about our hunting and trapping supplies, call us today.     Deak's Fur Company   Phone  812-448-8494

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