Indiana Hunting/trapping seasons Indiana Hunting/Trapping Seasons 2012-2013

     Furbearers                                                     Hunting Dates                                                        
       Red and Gray Fox                                              No Limit
       Coyote,Striped Skunk                                      
       Dog Running (Raccoon, Opossum)                    

​    Furbearers                                                            Trapping  Dates                                                     
       Coyote, Striped Skunk                                    
       Red and Gray Fox                                            
       Mink, Muskrat, Weasel (long tailed only)            
       Raccoon, Opossum                                         
       *Furbearer hunting/trapping hours:  Hunting/running --noon of first day to noon of last day.
       Trapping-8am of first day to noon of last day.  There are no daily bag or possession limits for

​   Woodland Big Game                     Hunting Dates                                 Bag Limit                                        
        Wild Turkey       Youth                                      1 bearded or male turkey per hunter
                                Spring                                   in youth and spring season
        Fall-Archery                                   1 bird of either sex per hunter each fall

        Fall-Firearm**                              1 bird of either sex per hunter each fall 
 " Turkey hunting hours: 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
 * See hunting and trapping Guide for counties open to fall turkey hunting.  No more than one bird of either sex may be
taken in the fall turkey season, regardless of equipment.  A separate turkey license is needed for the spring and fall
turkey season. 
** Fall firearm dates for turkey are tentative pending final approval by the Natural Resources Commission   
  Deer                                          Hunting Dates                                           Limits                                   
     Firearms                                   See current Hunting & trapping guide for 
     Muzzleloader                                                   Deer season Bag Limits
     Special Antlerless                     or visit
*Deer hunting hours: 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
     Woodland Small Game                    Hunting Dates                                     Daily Limit                         
         Gray and Fox Squirrel        August 15, 2020 - January 31, 2021                            5/day

         Ruffed Grouse                          Currently Suspended                                                                                       2

     Upland Game                                          Hunting Dates                                Daily Limit                       
         Pheasant (statewide-cock only)                        2/day
         Quail (North of IN 74)                                   4/day
         Quail (South of IN 74)                              8/day
         Rabbit                                                    5/day

* If you need complete versions of Indiana laws and rules that apply to hunting and trapping, they can be found in Indiana Code, Title 14, Article 22 ( or in Indiana Administrative Code, Title 312, Article 9, (

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