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About our Indiana Ginseng, Roots, and Trapping Store

​Herschel Deakins, Jr., his brother Bill, and father, Herschel Sr. were avid hunters and trappers in the coal mining country of mid-western Indiana. They spent many hours combing the woods for golden seal, and bloodroot, and ginseng in Indiana; trapped the rivers and streams for mink, beaver, and muskrat; hunted the woods for raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, fox, and coyote. 

After becoming a high school principal in 1950, Herschel Jr., known as "Deak" to his hunting and trapping friends, began buying fur locally and selling on the national market. Hunting and trapping became a weekend obsession for the educator. In 1970, "Deak" established Deak's Fur Company, a store for hunting and trapping supplies, and turned his passion for his sport into a full time business as a professional Indiana fur company

With a heart for education, and his love for the outdoors, he became known as a mentor to hunters and trappers throughout the Midwest. In 1979, Deak's daughter, Donna, and her husband, Jim Little assumed the responsibility for the fur company, and continue to meet the standard of excellence in service to outdoorsmen that was established by Deak himself. Deak's Fur Company, located in the small mid-western Hoosier town of Staunton, buys roots and herbs from the digger directly from the woods, The roots are sold on the larger market for medicinal purposes. We also purchase fur pelts from the hunter and trapper during the hunting/trapping season. To further assist the woodsmen, we are a supplier of Carhartt outerwear, as well as six styles of rugged Carhartt boots. 

The goal of Deak's Fur Company is to provide quality service, honest weights, and a trusted business relationship with the outdoorsmen that we serve, continuing the tradition of Deak himself. If you have questions or just want to know more about us, visit us at 604 West Pleasant Street in Staunton, Indiana, check out our website at, or contact us at [email protected].
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