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Fur prices 
(Hunting/Trapping Seasons begin in October and November)
Fur Buyer - Hubert Summers 

****   Due to Health reasons the fur buyer has stopped buying this year

                Fur Prices

     There is no market for coon at this time.

     Red Fox  $  

    Grey Fox $    

    Coyote     $ Skinned Only

    Beaver      $  . cents per pound

    Muskrat     $     Carcass
                   $  Skinned      
                   $ stretched and dried

    Mink      $   males
                   $  females

   Deer Hides   $ large hides    

        Current Root Price
                    (all prices subject to change)

​                                          Dry              Green
           Ginseng               $                   

        GoldenSeal Root        $           $ 

        Goldenseal Herb         $            $ 
        Bloodroot                   $            $         
        Virginia Snakeroot      $             $

        Mayapple                  $             $   

Deak's Fur Company
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