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        Current Root  Prices  
                    (all prices subject to change)

​                                       Dry      Green
Ginseng                    $ 400.00

Golden Seal Root     $ 26.00   $6.00 

Goldenseal Herb      $3.00     $0.50 

Bloodroot                 $6.00      $0.80             
Virginia Snakeroot   $75         $20

Mayapple                   $3.00   $0.50   


Be sure to follow all Federal and State laws and harvest responsibly.
Winter Hours now in effect
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Golden Seal is now rising.  Ginseng looking back up. Please harvest with good stewardship practices.
Fur Prices

     There is no market for coon at this time.

 Red Fox  $  

 Grey Fox $    

 Coyote     $             

 Beaver      $         

 Muskrat    $         Carcass
                   $         Skinned      
                   $         Stretched      
                                     and dried

 Mink          $          Males
                   $          Females

Deer Hides  $         Large hides